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The Club’s members are active in a variety of service committees, such as Planning & Development, Bar, Kitchen, Oktoberfest, Beautification and Finance. Each committee member is appointed by the President, and they, in turn, vote for their Chairperson.

Advertising, Publicity

Chairperson: Susie Zimmer

The Publicity and Advertising committee is responsible for all advertising for the GASC. We deal closely with Television, Radio and various print media. We also contract with printers and distributors as we are responsible for producing and distributing the yearly quad-fold, Oktoberfest quad-fold and Oktoberfest newspaper. This includes getting advertisers for our papers and of course working closely with other committees to be sure that their various functions are advertised. Volunteers are always a welcome sight. Email:

Anzeiger & Web Page/Social Media

Editor & Webmaster: Linda Long

The webmaster maintains the clubs web pages on a current basis. Several web pages are typically updated each week in order to present current information. This information is useful to members and guests alike to find out what is happening at the club.
Please send information that should be included on the web page to:
“Der Anzeiger” – the club’s newsletter – is issued eleven times a year at the beginning of every month, with the exception of August. It contains information from the club’s members and its various committees, about matters of interest to the members, events that took place in the previous month and anything of interest for the month or months to come. Submissions from members are what makes the Anzeiger what it is and without member input, there would be very little to report. Please feel free to submit information by the 15th of the month for consideration for the following month. You can either drop off your submissions in Der Anzeiger box next to the office at the club or send them to him by email. If you send your submission in electronic form, please add “Anzeiger” to the Subject header and send it to:


Chairman: Erich Kohl

The Bar Committee provides all kinds of beverages and services to our members and guests at the Club house and at festivities in our garden and especially at Oktoberfest. All Committee members are volunteers. If you want to be a part of it, please contact the Chairman:


Chairman: Wolf-Rüdiger Pech

As many as 50 men and women show up every Wednesday morning of the year to volunteer as part of the beautification crew. Last year this added up to over 7,500 combined hours contributed on Wednesdays alone. In addition, many of the volunteer crew put in countless hours before, during and after Oktoberfest, Gartenfests and all the other festivities held on our grounds
It is Beautifications’ task to maintain the club’s grounds and buildings as well as all the equipment needed to get the jobs done. On the grounds we have two carpentry shops and electrical, plumbing, painting, machine and welding shops.
Among the maintenance performed are keeping the over 200 concrete tables and benches in the garden in good shape, repairing and painting all the tables and chairs used during Oktoberfest and keeping the stage, bars, food service buildings and all the storage buildings in shape. To do this we have skilled painters, electricians, roofers, plumbers, welders, mechanics, carpenters and masons.
Beautification members also do all of the horticulture work needed to maintain the trees, shrubbery and lawns. We have over 25 acres that are mowed and hedged. Garden areas need constant pruning, planting and weeding.
But Beautification is not all work and no play. Mid-morning everyone breaks for coffee and cookies prepared by our volunteer kitchen crew and come noon they are rewarded with a delicious hot lunch. There is also, of course the congeniality and camaraderie that comes from working together and the satisfaction that comes from working with ones hands and contributing to our club.
New members are always welcome and no particular skills are needed to volunteer. We’ll find a place for you. For more information contact chairman Wolf-Rüdiger Pech at 239-549-0689 or Email:

Birthdays & Anniversaries

Chairperson: Teresa Kohl

Plans and implements the celebration of birthdays and/or anniversaries of Club members on a scheduled Sunday afternoon on a monthly basis.

Ms. Oktoberfest Pageant

Chairperson: Teresa Kohl

Plans and implements the annual Ms. Oktoberfest Pageant

Oktoberfest Co-Chair

Teresa Kohl

Oktoberfest Co-Chairperson


Rob Martin

The Club Chaplain is a clergy, affiliated with a local church and performs services such as invocations at meetings, special events, conduct of annual memorial service and funeral services for members.

Clubhouse Maintenance

Chairman: Ed Freund

The Maintenance team performs routine maintenance of the clubhouse, including equipment and utilities, supervises the Custodian and recommends facility improvements.

Edelweiss Chorus

Director: Barbara Wilken

The Edelweiss Chorus is practicing and upgrades skills in singing and provides periodic concerts for members and entertains at various events.

Entertainment & Decorating

Chairperson: Kerry Ann Bauer

The entertainment & decorating chair plans, direct, coordinates and implements various social functions such as dances, including Friday evenings. Carneval/Fasching/Mardi Gras costume balls, public parades and other entertainment as the Board may authorize; decorate as appropriate; schedule band engagements with written contracts and establish ticket prices, all subject to Board approval.

Event Ticket Sales

Chairperson: Carol Oosting

Betty Johnson is assisted by three part time sales ladies in selling event tickets. The goal is to sell tickets for all club dances and events, such as: pre-sale Oktoberfest admissions, GALS annual card party and Heritage Day Celebration trip. The job involves networking, organization, scheduling and maintaining detailed records.

Tickets are on sale at the Club, Friday evenings 5 to 9 pm, and also on dance nights. Betty accepts reservations by phone on her home phone.

Festival Ticket Sales

Chairperson: Carol Kenna

The Festival Ticket Sales chairperson sells tickets for various Club functions, keeps records of all sales and selects assistant ticket sellers.


Chairperson: Marlene Kraft

Reviews proposed expenditures of Club funds except recurring budget expenditures and avises the Board regarding the financial propriety of the proposed expenditures. Submit an annual budget for the Board’s review, acceptance or modification. Performs audits and review of Club and various committee records as needed.


Chairperson: Anna Theuretzbacher

The G.A.L.S. (German-American Ladies’ Society) meet every Wednesday morning at the club for friendship and crafts, they mainly produce useful and also fun items in knitting and crocheting and beading etc. The G.A.L.S. also arrange and conduct events for enjoyment, information, knowledge and fellowship.


Chairman: John Wagenhoffer

Between January and April, the club organizes up to four Gartenfests each year. It takes place in our beautiful Bavarian Garden. We will have German beer, German food and also German music.

Guest Relations

Chairperson: Karin Schmidt

Meets and greets new guests at the door and introduce them to the Club’s conventions


Kapellmeister: Alex Mueller

Hafenkapelle is a costumed fest band sponsored by GASC. In addition to traditional German festival music, the Hafenkapelle also plays American big band favorites and other popular dance music. Many members of Hafenkapelle are also members of GASC, but this is not a requirement.


Chairperson: Mary Pakusch

The kitchen Chair operates the Club kitchens, including purchase and inventory of supplies, food preperation and service. Also menu selectionand pricing for all indoor events, all subject to Board approval.


Chairpersons: Susie Zimmer

Promotes and provides activities, functions and events which will advance and perpetuate German language, culture and customs.
Contact the chair person:


Hannelore Eichner

Maintains, updates and organizes the Club’s library

Vendor ticket counting

Chairperson: Hannelore Eichner

Description: Vendor ticket counting

Electric Maintenance

Dietrich Lohff

Maintains, manages and organizes all issues of the Club’s electrical concerns.

New Membership

Chairperson: Joe Kulnig

The new membership chairperson screens and interviews all applicants to determinetheir acceptability and explains membership requirements and obligations

Office Secretary

Tammy Oosting

Office Secretary


Chairman: Ed Freund

The Oktoberfest Chairperson, plans, schedules, staffs and stages all activities and functions required for the Oktoberfest. He also works with vendors, exhibitors and carnival personal. Attends to making sure there is a chairperson for each of the Oktoberfest positions available and holds meetings to better organize this activity.

Oktoberfest Band Housing

Chairperson: Julie Krenn

Plans and organizes the housing for the Oktoberfest bands

Oktoberfest Entertainment

Chairman: Tony Krenn

Oktoberfest bands and other entertainment are contracted and scheduled by the Oktoberfest Entertainment committee. We try to get one or two bands from Germany for each Oktoberfest. Four or more bands from Florida and often from out-of-state are also invited to perform. Dance groups and other performers are also contracted and scheduled by the committee. Bands are contracted at least 10 months in advance. The specific performance schedule is completed and published at least two months before each Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest Main Kitchen

Chairmanperson: Mary Pakusch

Manages and organizes the Oktoberfest Main Kitchen and Dining Room in the von Steuben Hall.

Parade Float

Chairman: TBA

Builds, repairs and manages the Club’s annual parade float for various events.


Richard Beattie

A Parliamentarian who shall have the sole right to determine validity of any nomination, rule on any question regarding parliamentary procedure, Articles of lncorporation or Bylaws at membership and Board meetings, and be a member of the nominating committee and Chair of the By-Laws Committee. Relative to the foregoing shall be with discussion and advice of the Board of Directors. Contact:


Erwin Probst

Takes photos at various Club events and provides photos to the Club and its members.

Planning & Development

Chairman: Wolf-Rüdiger Pech

The Planning & Development Committee shall research and develop long range capital improvement plans for utilization of Club properties, establish priorities for implementation and make recommendations to the Board relative to such priorities.

Renewal Membership

Joe Kulnig

The Renewal Membership Secretary collects annual dues, signs and issues membership cards and confirm prior year’s membership, prepares and maintains membership roster for re-issue every two years and transmit all dues to the Treasurer.


President: Stefan Harzmann

We are the target shooting club within the German American Social Club of Cape Coral. We are continuing the tradition that is very popular in Germany here in Southwest Florida. The guns that we are using are high precision air rifles manufactured in Germany. We have a Queen and King shootout every year and compete with the Lantana Schützenverein from the Palm Beach Area for the traveling trophy.

Sergeant at Arms

Frank Gressley

The Security Team shall provide a safe and orderly place for all club members and guest at club events. Then at the same time protect club property and other assets. See the chairman to join security for Gardenfests.

Social Membership

Chairperson: Margaret Allison

The Social Membership Chairperon collects non-member fees, records non-member and sponsor names in the book provided and distributes the corresponding numerical stickers to the non-members.


Chairperson: Carol Oosting

Provides for the sunshine function, reports deaths and illnesses of Club membersand provides a list of deceased mebers to the Beautification Chairperson for the purpose of updating the memorial plaque. Contact: