Change for Friday nights before a Saturday event

A Board decision of 2017/2018 was adopted and modified by the new Board of Directors as following: Instead of closing the club on a Friday night before a Saturday event, effective  January 25th the club will be open for the regular hours in the Edelweiss Hall only. In addition, there will be no live band playing, we will utilize our sound system/speakers. The menu for this particular Friday night will be limited to one special dish only. GASC - [...]

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Schlachtfest 2019

Butcher's Banquet & Show 1:00pm - 5:00pm doors open at 12:00pm (noon) Music by Manni Daum Trio Cash Bar Entry Fee, includes Pork & Wurst Platter + 2 sides: Members/UGAS $16, Non-Members $20

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