Oktoberfest Gate & Ticket Volunteers!


We are in desperate need of volunteers to man the ticket booths during Oktoberfest.

If you want to volunteer, please click HERE for registration!

Or go to our Website (www.capecoraloktoberfest.com) and click on Oktoberfest.
Point to “Volunteers” and at the drop down box click on “Ticket Seller Registration Only”.
From there follow the directions to sign up for whatever schedule is convenient for you.If you are without a computer, please call Frank Rotbart at 239-240-3753 and he will sign you up

Without your help, Oktoberfest cannot be!

Thank you!

Frank Rotbart, Ticket Sales Chairman

You can now schedule your shifts online by going to our website (www.capecoraloktoberfest.com) and hover over the menu item “Volunteers”. Click on “Ticket Seller Registration Only” and follow the instructions.

The new Chairpersons are Frank Rotbart and Heide Crawley. Feel free to contact them if you have any
questions!  Email: ticketsales@gasc-capecoral.com

Ticket Seller Duty Information & Conditions:

  • You must be age 21 or older before the Oktoberfest.
  • You must be able to work a 4 hour shift, in hot or cold weather,
    with only short breaks to use the bathroom – and still be pleasant to our patrons.

You will receive the following volunteer benefits:

  • free admission
  • free beer/wine/ice tea/soda/water
  • $11 food tickets per shift
  • special parking area

and the satisfaction that you supported a non-profit organization which makes
numerous donations to charities and community organizations and, at the same time, had fun doing it!

Thank you for volunteering!

GASC Festival Ticket Sale Committee




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